Two streams of Caitlin’s experience inform her collages: her study of domestic interiors and her work of creating interpretive museum exhibits.

Images of domestic space and furnishings have drawn Caitlin for years. Empty rooms evoke absent people and their relationships with each other. Domestic objects are repositories for memories and associations. People’s homes portray them. “Shelter” magazines and catalogs pluck at our personal connections with domestic spaces, offering us new identities when we redecorate. Consumer culture, though reviled, hooks into an essential need to convey information about ourselves through our material (be)longings.

Interpretive museum exhibits tell stories using artifacts and images. An exhibit’s creators select items to display for their symbolic qualities, among others. Likewise, Caitlin uses representational images in her collages for both their formal and their symbolic values. In fact, striking a balance between form and semiotic meaning is one of her greatest delights and challenges.